How to be More Confident in Your Life

Are you a people pleaser and usually just submissively let things pass, shrugging them off, even though it might tug on you on the inside?  Do you “go with the flow” and try to be a “team player”?  Are you wondering how to be more confident in your relationships with other people?

Is This You?
Are you tired of being walked all over, not confident enough to speak up for yourself or make your dreams come true? You will be inside yourself your entire life.  An important step in moving into greater self-esteem and self-confidence is to become aware of who you are, why you are here, what’s important to you, and what you want.  It’s time to take a deeper journey into yourself to get ready to embrace the new changes you’re about to make.

Essential Things For Self-Confidence

There are many goals to increasing your self-confidence and self-esteem.  You do the following easily:

  • accept yourself
  • respect yourself
  • even love yourself
  • are able to deal with others in an effective and successful manner

The level of confidence in yourself and your sense of self-worth affect every part of your life:

  • your success at work
  • whether you reach your personal goals
  • the relationships you have with your family and friends
  • the vitality of your health and how you perceive your body image
  • the mental attitude you have toward yourself and others

In addition, your level of self-confidence can show up in many different ways: your behavior, what words you use, your body language, your tone of voice, the self-talk thoughts in your mind.

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Low Self-Confidence vs. Healthy Self-Confidence

Low self-confidence and high self-confidence are two sides of the same coin.  They both activate certain rules for living that either help you or hurt you.  Look at the following chart of behaviors. Which thoughts or actions do you recognize in yourself and people around you?

Low Self-Confident Behavior High Self-Confident Behavior
Compare yourself negatively with othersAppreciate your positive qualities
Are anxious, stressed, and worried a lotFeel capable to meet life's everyday challenges
Fear confrontation with othersKnow the skill to explain the situation and request a change
Focus on your shortcomings in the pastLearn from past mistakes and look forward to future successes
Are shy to talk with others you don't knowAre happy and sure of yourself around others
Are easily overwhelmed by new or unknown responsibilityAre able to handle new information and responsibility easily

Who do YOU choose to be?  Is it finally time to learn how to be more confident?

Build Your True Self-Confidence and Feel Your Power

The good news is that you can learn self-confidence and self-esteem.  You can turn your life around and feel great about yourself by learning the skills on how to be more confident.  Take the time to learn the skills of self-empowerment, and you’ll find it’s well worth the effort! I can help you in many ways.

Online Classes – I offer 3 online classes, all of which are 10 lessons.  You will receive one lesson in your Inbox every three days, so you’ll receive the entire course over a month’s time.  You’ll get at least one assignment with each lesson.  I encourage you to email me your assignments, comments and questions, and I will answer each one.

1 – Stop Being a Doormat and Start Using Your Personal Power to Build Healthy Relationships

  • the essential tools to achieve strong family relationships
  • how to create new friendships easily
  • tips for holding quality conversations
  • the four-part blueprint for confronting others assertively
  • guidelines for using social media in a healthy manner

2 – Transform Your Self-Talk to Stay Positive

  • how your self-talk can make you or break you
  • how core beliefs run your life – for good or bad
  • the best ways to deal with your fears
  • 6 magic steps to transform your attitude
  • how to nurture yourself with your self-talk through affirmations and guided visualizations

3 – How to Be Successful at Your Workplace

  • secrets to choosing a career that fulfills you
  • how to effectively interview for a job
  • how to get out of the habit of being a perfectionist
  • creating positive relationships with your co-workersSelf-Esteem for Dummies book
  • foolproof ways to use assertiveness to request a raise

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