Freebies You Can Read and Listen To

Welcome to the Freebies page!  On this page, you’ll find free articles from each of my online courses as well as two of my guided visualizations and songs.  Enjoy!

Stop Being a Doormat and Start Using Your Personal Power to Build Healthy Relationships Online Course

Essential Tools to Achieve Strong Family Relationships

How to Argue with Your Mate Most Effectively


Transform Your Self-Talk to Stay Positive Online Course

How to Nurture Yourself with Your Self-Talk

Is Your Self-Talk About Your Body Destroying Your Self-Confidence?


How to be Successful at Work Online Course

Little Known Ways to Confidently Speak Up in Meetings

How the Heck Can You Deal with a Difficult Boss?


Guided Visualizations

Developing the Picture of Your Ideal Life

Releasing Tension and Relaxing



The Message

Peaceful Heart