5 Habits That Can Boost Your Self-Esteem

Some people think it’s so difficult to increase their self-esteem, so they never even try.  But there are some simple things you can do that can boost your self-esteem and self-confidence that don’t take a lot of time or effort.

Just because you’re experiencing low self-esteem now doesn’t mean have to be that way forever. Low self-esteem is something that most likely started a long time ago, and it is something you CAN change.   If you want to work on increasing your overall self-esteem, try these five habits and, over time, you’ll see you have a new attitude.

Write in a Journal

Do you like to write about yourself?  If so, writing in a journal can help enhance your sense of self-esteem.  What can you write about that lifts your spirits the most?  Try these and see what happens:

  • Write about your feelings about what is happening to you.  Sometimes just sharing your everyday life can make you have a more positive outlook.  If you’re having a difficult time, write about possible solutions.
  • Create a gratitude journal.  Write about the different things you’re grateful for – from your health to your home to friends to family members to your job to what you love to do – whatever makes you happy.  After you write in your gratitude journal, think about one or two of these deeply and allow the positive feelings to sink into your heart.
  • Write positive affirmations that can do wonders to turn your thinking around.  My online course Transform Your Self-Talk to Stay Positive includes lessons on how affirmations can assist you in your transformation and how to construct affirmations that work just for you.

Spend Time with Confident People

Spend time with people who are confident and sure of themselves, who are happy in their lives, and who are thriving as people.

You can spot them a mile away: they smile and laugh a lot, they give compliments to others, they enjoy the work they do, and they have happy and satisfying relationships.  Surround yourself with these people, and part of their confidence will surely rub off on you.


Nothing makes your body move and your joy burst forth more than dancing!  It doesn’t matter if you’re by yourself at home or out with your friends, get your body moving to the beat!

If you’d like, put on your favorite music and move.  Don’t worry about whether you’re dancing right or doing the right steps.  The trick to dancing is to move any way that your body wants to move.  You can move your arms, your hands, your torso, your hips, your legs, or your feet.  It doesn’t matter!  Just move it!

Perform Random Acts of Kindness

My parents used to identify people in a restaurant at which they often ate who they felt could use a boost.  They would pay those people’s bill for them, although the people never knew who did it – or should I say, especially because the people never knew who did it.

You can try this too.  Do something kind for someone.  Buy coffee for the person behind you in line.  Put a dollar bill under a ketchup container in the grocery store for some lucky person to find.  Put some money in a parking meter that has expired.  If you see someone having trouble carrying a large number of packages, offer to help.

The possibilities are endless, and you’ll feel great about yourself for having done something nice to someone.

Accept Compliments Gracefully

Have you ever said, “Yeah, sure” or “It was nothing” with your head down when someone complimented you?  If so, you not only kept yourself from gaining self-esteem from the compliment, but you also kept the other person from feeling complete and pleased about giving you one.

When you receive a compliment, gracefully say, “Thank you.  I appreciate that” while looking the other person in the eye.  If it’s appropriate, you can say, “I worked hard for that” or “I put a lot of time into doing that.”  This way, you’re gracefully accepting the other person’s kind words and making them feel good AND you’re also giving your self-esteem a big shot in the arm.

Raising your self-esteem does take some effort, but as you now know, you can do small things every day that can enhance your self-esteem on a regular basis.  Go for it!