2 Crucial Tips for Creating a Quality Conversation

Did you know that we’re physically and mentally healthier when we have meaningful and fulfilling relationships?  People who are ill get better more quickly when they have a loving support system.  People who are broken-hearted from a romantic breakup get back to normal more quickly if they have someone to talk to and pour their hearts out to.  Relationships are crucial to having a balanced, happy and healthy life.

Here are two important tips for making your conversations sizzle. Continue reading

Confidence in Children vs. Teenagers

Why is there a difference in how confident young children and teenagers are?  If you’ve ever watched young children, most are very confident about themselves.  Instead of humble responses that teenagers give when they receive a compliment, children will say “I know” or “Yeah, isn’t that great?”  Young children accept praise easily and revel in the positive attention.

Most children are more assertive and speak up for themselves.  I’ve heard children say their school is too easy and they want harder classes with more challenging work.  They’re also quick to speak up if they’re sick or shoes are too tight.  Teenagers many times don’t want to seem as though they’re different from the pack, so they keep quiet and ignore what they’re really feeling. Continue reading