Transform Your Self-Talk to Stay Positive

Did you know that your self-talk can make you or break you?  That negative thoughts will not allow you to stay positive as you think about your life?

Your self-talk is what you tell yourself about yourself inside your own head.  It’s the thoughts that roll around your mind hour after hour and day after day.  If you’re thinking negatively about yourself all the time, you can’t have confidence to live the life of your dreams.  And you can’t accomplish the goals you’ve imagined or be a happy and fulfilled person, can you?

Meet Ethan – Who Thinks He Can’t Do Anything Right
Ethan puts himself down mercilessly in his own mind.  He feels he can’t do anything right.  When he was told by his boss that his work wasn’t up to standard, Ethan told himself, “I must be a terrible employee.  I can’t do my work right.  My boss is probably going to fire me.  What will I do if that happens?  I’ll have to move in with Mom again!  I’ll be a total failure.”

Ethan doesn’t know how to replace these negative thoughts and stay positive.  He only knows how to belittle himself.  Furthermore, when anything doesn’t go exactly as he plans, he demeans himself for hours on end.

So if your mind is going around in circles, telling yourself that you’re not good enough or capable enough or good looking enough, and it’s almost impossible to stay positive about your life, then you need my new and powerful online course to provide the steps to change your life and give you a fresh new approach.

My Unhappy Story
When I was a girl, I told myself I wasn’t pretty enough to have a boyfriend.  I was smart and got good grades, but none of the boys liked me in junior high.  Also, I would stand against the wall at dances and hope against hope that a boy would ask me to dance.

In my mind, I was thinking, “I’m not surprised no one is asking me to dance.  I’m not popular or glamorous.  I’ll never get a boyfriend.”  I would wait until the very last song and I would ask a girlfriend to dance with me.  Because I didn’t have much confidence, I also didn’t have much courage.  As a result, I went to few parties and had few friends.

When I Turned My Life Around
It wasn’t until college that I made the big change.  I had applied to be in all the sororities on campus, and I wasn’t accepted into any of them.  I laid on my bed and cried and cried.

But then, I realized I could either let those girls decide the rest of my life or I was going to.  Because I was determined to stand on my own two feet, I changed my attitude and became the more outgoing person I wanted to be!  As a result of this determination, I looked at the Student Handbook and picked out three organizations I wanted to be part of.

Finally, I started to invest in myself and change my life.  I realized that if I didn’t start right then and there to live my dreams, my dreams would never come true.  Most of all, I changed my thinking.  I thought to myself, “I am a competent woman who can accomplish what I want.  I can be the confident, self-assured woman I’ve seen others be.”  It was then and there that I realized that I had to stay positive, imagine the possibilities, and then carry them out.

Later, I graduated from college, went on to get my Masters degree, taught college courses for many years, and wrote the book Self-Esteem for Dummies in the Dummies series.  In addition, I have been a speaker and coach for several years.

Because I could stay positive by changing my self-talk and transforming my fear and belittling into self-confidence, I could accomplish all these things.  I knew I could unlock my potential and ultimately remove my mental blocks to success.

Now You Can Learn How to Change Those Inner Thoughts and Stay Positive for the Rest of Your Life
Would you like to have a more satisfying life?  Would you like to feel great about yourself?  It’s time to invest in yourself and live your dreams NOW!  Finally, you can tap into your potential by changing the thoughts in your mind and learning the secrets on how to always stay positive.

My online course Change Your Inner Critic into Your Best Friend and Stay Positive offers powerful strategies to change your thinking forever.  This online course is like no other.  You’ll receive the following:

  • the information you need to change your inner thoughts
  • guided visualizations to implant a new way of thinking in your mind so you can stay positive more quickly
  • my songs to inspire you and uplift you in moments when you need it most

And that’s not all!  I will give you my personal e-mail address so you can send me your comments and questions as well as the assignments.  You will receive my personal response within two days.

Ten Lessons Over a 5-Week Period
The course has 10 lessons, and you’ll receive 2 lessons each week.  You can take as long as you need to complete each lesson.  Here’s what you’ll learn:

Lesson 1:  Your Self-Talk Can Make You or Break You

Your thoughts CAN be more confident and positive!  In the first lesson, you’ll learn how these thoughts make you feel insecure and how to modify them so that you break the chains of negative self-talk.  We’re going to dive deep into the six methods your mind uses to put yourself down and how to turn each one into encouraging self-talk and ways to stay positive.

Lesson 2:  How Confident Are You?

In this lesson, you’ll begin by taking a short quiz that will tell you right away how confident you are.  Then we’ll look at what low self-confidence and high self-confidence are.  Included is a table that explains these two very clearly.  Finally, we’ll explore the four myths of self-confidence and what the real truth is.

Lesson 3:  How Your Most Deeply Held Beliefs Can Affect Your Life

Most people live their lives controlled by their core beliefs and the automatic thoughts that come from them.  In this lesson, you’ll learn exactly how you formed your core beliefs and how to rid yourself of these pesky automatic thoughts so you can start being positive and stay positive.

Lesson 4:  The Core Beliefs that Plague Women and Men

Did you learn as a little girl to keep your dress clean and you shouldn’t be as smart as the boys?  Did you learn as a little boy that you should be strong and athletic?  We learn these core beliefs from our family, friends, and peers.  In fact, they stay with us the rest of our lives.  In this lesson, we’ll look at the common beliefs that little girls and boys learn and how you can get out of this rut as an adult.

Lesson 5:  Rise Above Your “Shoulds” and Your Fears

All of us learned many “shoulds” in our lives – what we should and should not do to fit in.  Many of us have held on to those “shoulds” into adulthood without ever questioning them.  You’ll learn how to question them, keep those that serve you, and let go of those that don’t.  It’s also time for you to deal with your fears that keep you from living your dreams.

Lesson 6:  Are You Ready for an Attitude Makeover?

You’ve been telling yourself negative thoughts for far too long.  It’s time for you to make turn those thoughts around and put something better in their place!  Positive self-talk is the key to success and being able to thrive.  NOW it is time to take the bull by the horns and start to transform your thinking.  I’ll share the six steps that most easily lead to a makeover in your attitude and thinking.

Lesson 7:  How to Nurture Yourself Using Affirmations

What you tell yourself about yourself will lead to you living those thoughts.  You can use affirmations to make a U-turn not only in your thoughts but in your entire life.  They are one of the quickest ways to turn your thinking around and stay positive.  I’ll teach you how to use affirmations and the tricks to writing your own.  Affirmations are not difficult, and they can be very effective.

Lesson 8:  Quick Strategies to Change Your Inner Thoughts

You don’t have to take a whole semester to learn these skills.  You can learn them quickly and put them to use immediately.  In this lesson, you’ll learn how to visualize and change your inner thoughts by creating a collage and writing in a journal.  Guided visualizations are powerful tools to instill a new way of thinking into your mind.  You can also transform your thoughts by creating a collage and writing in a journal.  I’ll describe all three of these in detail.

Lesson 9:  Self-Talk and Body Image

Many people hate something (or everything) about their body, and this negative self-talk does not serve you well.  In this lesson, we’ll look at society’s impossible standards of body image that you see in magazine ads and commercials.  Also, you’ll learn how to tell if you have a healthy or unhealthy body image.

Lesson 10:  Key Steps to Nurture Your Body and Whole Self

In our concluding lesson, I’ll share with you the tools for developing a healthy body image.  Then I’ll discuss how to change your negative self-talk into positive self-talk so you can stay positive about your body instead of constantly putting yourself down.  We’ll end with a variety of ways to nurture your body and take care of yourself on a personal level for high self-confidence.

As soon as you sign up for the course, you will immediately get the first lesson in your Inbox.  After that, you will receive 2 lessons each week.

Learning the Skills to Stay Positive in Your Thinking Will Turn Your Life Around
In the end, all that matters is how you think about yourself and whether you can live the life you dream of based on those thoughts.

Are you ready now to change your inner thoughts into positive ones and be energized to live a vibrant, amazing life? You’ve waited long enough.

Get all 10 lessons for only $89.  At the bottom of your receipt, click the “Return to Merchant” button to register for the course.  As soon as you sign up for the course, you will immediately get the first lesson in your Inbox.  After that, you will receive two lessons each week.

Sign up now and begin making your thoughts your best friend!