Freebies You Can Read and Listen To

Welcome to the Freebies page!  On this page, you’ll find free essays from each of my online courses as well as two each of my guided visualizations and songs.  Guided visualizations and songs are included in each of my online courses.  Enjoy!

Online Course:  Stop Being a Doormat and Start Using Your Personal Power to Build Healthy Relationships 

This course will help you to become highly successful in all your relationships.  By the end of the course, you’ll have the skills to develop a deeper, more loving relationship with your mate, more harmonious relationships with your family members, happier children, and a better quality of life all around.

Reading these two essays will get you on the road to building your own personal power.

Essential Tools to Achieve Strong Family Relationships

How to Argue with Your Mate Most Effectively

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Online Course:  Transform Your Self-Talk to Stay Positive 

Your self-talk is what you tell yourself about yourself inside your own head.  It’s the thoughts that roll around your mind hour after hour and day after day.  If you’re thinking negatively about yourself all the time, you can’t have confidence to live the life of your dreams.  And you can’t accomplish the goals you’ve imagined or be a happy and fulfilled person, can you?

Here are parts of two chapters of my online course, one about affirmations and one about your self-talk regarding your body image.

How to Nurture Yourself with Your Self-Talk

Is Your Self-Talk About Your Body Destroying Your Self-Confidence?

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Online Course:  How to be Successful at Work

Do you want to learn how to be successful, no matter what type of job you have or wish you had?  It’s great to have a sense of accomplishment in your job, but you also need to be able to confidently speak up in meetings, make dynamic presentations, and have congenial relationships with your boss and co-workers.

Read these parts of two chapters from my course to take the first step towards being more successful at work.

Little Known Ways to Confidently Speak Up in Meetings

How the Heck Can You Deal with a Difficult Boss?

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Guided Visualizations

See yourself actually inside the guided visualizations.  Imagine you are living your ideal life.  Physically release all the tension from your body and relax completely.  These guided visualizations are included as part of my online courses.

Developing the Picture of Your Ideal Life

Releasing Tension and Relaxing


Allow the beautiful melodic sounds of my voice to reach inside you and to inspire you.  Each of my online courses has many songs included in the lessons.  Listen to two of them now.

The Message

Peaceful Heart