How to Be Successful at Work

Being successful at work is not something that comes naturally to everyone.  It won’t just fall into your lap.  You have to master the skills for attracting that success and make them your own.  My online course can teach you the expertise you need on how to be successful in your workplace.

What do the most successful people know that everyone else does not?  You know them – they’re the people who get along with everyone, are offered the promotions, easily get raises, and apparently doors open for them without any problem.

I can teach you how to be successful, no matter what type of job you have or wish you had.  It’s great to have a sense of accomplishment in your job, but you also need to be able to confidently speak up in meetings, make dynamic presentations, and have congenial relationships with your boss and co-workers.

Olivia’s Nightmare
Olivia works as an accountant at a firm she’s been at for 5 years.  She’s one of a few women among mostly male accountants.  The men have much louder voices, they’re more aggressive in getting accounts and in sharing their opinions in meetings, and they’re secretive about their clients and how they help their clients be successful.

Several of her female and male colleagues talk behind her back, but she knows they’re saying she doesn’t do her job as well as they do.  Even though she has had very good performance reviews, she feels her co-workers belittle her and her work.

Not only that, but her boss has a closed door policy and Olivia finds it difficult to talk to him about her work-related questions and her professional development.  Her boss barks when he speaks and doesn’t seem to care about his employees.  She feels intimidated and apprehensive when she’s in his presence.

In addition, all of her co-workers have gotten a raise and she has not because she doesn’t know how to ask for one.  She knows how to be successful in her tasks, but she doesn’t know how to be successful in relating to her co-workers or boss.

It’s Time to Learn the Skills of How to be Successful at Work and be a Top Performer
Do you want to gain the skills that will empower you to take charge of your work life?  If you want to be seen as a first-rate employee or boss, I can help you.  Be the success you were meant to be and turn fear into confidence.   It’s time to invest in your future!

My online course How to Be Successful at Work offers powerful strategies to turn your work life around. This online course is like no other.  You’ll receive the following:

  • the information you need to choose a career that fulfills you, interview with confidence, be a confident and productive employee, and get the raise you want
  • guided visualizations to implant a new way of thinking in your mind so you can see yourself being a high achiever
  • my songs to inspire you and uplift you in moments when you need it most

And that’s not all!  I will give you my personal e-mail address so you can send me your comments and questions as well as the assignments.  You will receive my personal response within two days.

Ten Lessons Over a 5-Week Period
The course has 10 lessons, and you’ll receive 2 lessons each week.  You can take as long as you need to complete each lesson.  Here’s what you’ll learn:

Lesson 1:  Why You Need to Be Self-Confident at Work

We’ve all had experiences where our confidence has been shaken.  But unfortunately, you can’t just wake up one morning with high self-confidence that you’ve developed overnight.  You have to understand what it is and then work on increasing your self-confidence until it becomes something natural you experience every day.  This first lesson begins with a quiz that helps you measure your level of confidence.  Next, I’ll explain why it’s so important to be self-confident at work.

Lesson 2:  How to Land the Job of Your Dreams

You can’t get the job of your dreams until you know what you are best suited for and are able to interview effectively.  In this lesson, we’ll look at many things that factor into the type of job to look for as well as what your life purpose directs you to pursue.  Once you have a good grasp of how you personally relate to work, I’ll teach you the skills of interviewing so you get the job you desire.

Lesson 3:  How to Make Your Mark as an Employee

As you learn how to be successful, you’ll need to know how to do a superior job in the work you are assigned to do.  Learn how to be productive and efficient at work so others will see you as being high performing and accomplished.  Next, you’ll learn when and when not to be assertive as an employee.

Lesson 4:  Learn the Perfectionist Behaviors That Hold You Back

Do you procrastinate until you can do the job perfectly, even to the point of rushing right before it’s due – or not doing the job at all?  This is just one of the tendencies that perfectionists have.  Perfectionists must do everything perfectly, and this can hurt them in the long run.  In this lesson, you’ll discover many undesirable traits of perfectionists that lead directly to low self-confidence and poor work performance.

Lesson 5:  Be a High Achiever Instead of a Perfectionist

Being a perfectionist will not serve you well.  It will harm your work at your job today and it will keep you from being promoted.  It also leads to poor relationships with co-workers.  You’ll learn how to overcome these tendencies and replace them with the behaviors of a healthy high achiever.

Lesson 6:  Interactions Between Management and Employees

Leaders need to be on top of the work situation and also have good relationships with their subordinates.  Employees need to be able to speak with management in an effective manner.  Both are necessary for overall work harmony and effectiveness.  This lesson explores how leaders can be effective when dealing with their employees.  It also explores how employees can be confident around their leaders.

Lesson 7:  Secrets to Communication with Your Boss and Co-Workers

Do you have a bad boss?  Do you have difficulty connecting with your co-workers?  Communication is everything in the workplace.  It is crucial for productivity, good relationships, and the health of the organization.  Learn in this lesson how to increase your communication skills.  I’ll teach you several techniques to contend with a difficult boss and build positive relationships with your co-workers.

Lesson 8:  Tips for Changing Your Self-Talk

Many people in the workplace put themselves down and ridicule themselves in their own mind.  They cannot do things right, their performance is not up to standard, and they compare themselves negatively with their co-workers.  You’ll learn six different ways your mind takes you down the wrong road and how to fix each one.

Lesson 9:  Speak Dynamically in Meetings and Presentations

If you are not speaking up assertively in meetings and not giving presentations to others in your workplace, your possibility of being seen as a leader and being promoted are limited.  By the end of this lesson, you will know the little-known techniques for sharing your knowledge and opinions in meetings and presentations in a convincing way.

Lesson 10:  Take Care of Yourself and Others

If requesting a raise is difficult for you, we begin this lesson with tips on how to confidently approach your supervisor and make a winning argument.  Next, I teach you how to assist other people in your organization who need the skills to be more confident.  Finally, when you’re ready to leave your job, you’ll learn how to make a graceful exit.

Learning How to Be Successful at Work is Essential to Being Indispensable and Keeps You Performing at Your Best
So, if you’re thinking, “Maybe I really need this course,” then it’s time for action.  It’s time to make your choice.  Do you want to start a new chapter in your work life?  It’s up to you.

Get all 10 lessons for only $89.  At the bottom of your receipt, click the “Return to Merchant” button to register for the course.  As soon as you sign up for the course, you will immediately get the first lesson in your Inbox.  After that, you will receive 2 lessons each week.

Sign up now and begin your new journey of accomplishment and success!

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