Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

If you look at yourself often in the mirror, what are you actually doing?  There’s more to it than just seeing yourself.  There’s observing how you look, comparing yourself with other people, and using self-talking – often negative – to evaluate yourself.  All of these can be problematic and lead to low self-confidence.

Riana’s Thoughts About Her Body
Let’s consider Riana.  Riana can only think negative thoughts about her body.  When she gets ready for work, she looks at herself in the mirror and says, “Why can’t I lose weight?  If I could get rid of this stomach, I’d be able to finally be happy.  I should start exercising today – or tomorrow.”  On her way from the parking lot to her office, she passes a business and can see her reflection in the window.  “Oh, my goodness!  I sure look horrible today!” is the first thing that comes to her mind.

When she goes out to eat during her lunch hour, Riana notices the temperature is beginning to get hotter and she thinks, “I should start dieting again.  Summer is coming up and I want to wear a bikini.”

At night, she reads a good book.  Before she sits down, she grabs three ice cream bars and absentmindedly eats them one after the other.  Afterwards, she looks in the mirror and thinks, “I at all those ice cream bars tonight – again.  How I hate myself!  I’ll never be slender and look good enough to wear a bikini.  I’m so kidding myself – I’m such a failure!” as she shakes her head with great disappointment in herself.

You Can Appreciate Your Body
This doesn’t have to be.  There are ways to feel good about yourself even if you don’t look like a beautiful movie star or a handsome stud.  You can appreciate your body and realize that it’s a marvelous instrument that is helping you do all the things you want to do in your life.  You can thank your body, even as you look in the mirror, for all it does for you and appreciate it.

When you look in the mirror, concentrate on having positive thoughts, such as “Wow!  I sure look great today!  I love this outfit, and I’m looking good!” or “I love my body!  It’s so healthy, and I truly appreciate how I look.”

If you’re having issues with your body image and can’t quite bring yourself to think loving thoughts about your body, my online course Transform Your Self-Talk to be Positive can help you.  It’s about changing those inner thoughts – your inner critic – to ones that are more positive and life-affirming.  Your confidence can grow only when you change these thoughts and live a healthier life from the inside out.