Do You Love Your Body?

Girls today are constantly facing bullying over social media that directly lead to damaging their confidence about their body, which leads to lower self-esteem.  They feel shamed that they don’t look like the other women they see on social media.  Not only that, they read the many body-shaming comments that cyber-bullying and Internet trolling contain.

If they don’t have the perfect body, if they need to lose weight, if their curves are in the wrong place, they try to fit a standard of beauty that everyone wants them to look like.  They go on diet after diet, they put themselves down with their self-talk, they don’t go out because they think others are laughing at them.  They may even have anxiety and depression that rules their lives.

It’s Time For a Change!

They need to stop reading Instagram comments.  Stop paying attention to what anyone says about them or reading negative comments online.  Concentrate on pleasing only themselves.  And most important, think about themselves as beautiful just the way they are.  Realize that the most significant relationship they have is with their own self.

I invite you to read my article Key Steps to Change Your Inner Critic About Your Body, which is in my online course Transform Your Self-Talk to Stay Positive.